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Broidy then resigned as the chairman of the Markstone Capital Group, and then agreed to pay 18 million dollars onto the pension fund of the state in restitution. This act has been beneficial to him. This helped him reduced his case. Notwithstanding scandals he have been involved in, the humanitarian works he did will always be remembered. Those are something that will never be forgotten by anyone. He is a self-made millionaire and is recognized for the works he did in the US, Israel and Los Angeles. He is a highly regarded leader, an important chair person of a company, and an elite founder of the Broidy Capital Management where he manages stock investing and private equity-style investments. Due to his great abilities and outstanding leadership, he has actually sat on boards of various companies, which include the Event Solutions International, Vantis Capital Management and others. He is capable of handling all the scandals he faced. He also showed how professional and knowledgeable he is on all of his works. All his works are vital to the lives of many people. Those helped the people of Los Angeles to improve the quality of their lives.

Majority of the people are aware of the achievements of Elliot Broidy. They also know his various activities. If you are one of these people, you already identified what makes him well-known and special. Elliot Broidy is an Israeli-American philanthropist and investor. He has been active on the boards and consultative councils of various charitable group. The common example of this is the Jewish Coalition. He also served on the Homeland Security Advisory Council and a previous finance chairman for the Republican National Committee. Elliot Broidy also became a part of the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security. This organization was established in 2013 with the aim of enhancing the robust American military budget, business-friendly free-trade policies, and hawkish U.S. posture. As a venture capitalist, Broidy has managed cross-border investments in Israel. Since Broidy has a wide idea in business, he begun building his own agency. To share his success, he always made a right decision. He always communicates with various charitable institutions. Elliot Broidy is a member of YPO and serves on various organizations. With his assistance to multiple charitable organizations, more and more people learn how to fight. He also became an inspiration to several people. As a result, most people are fully inspired to follow his path. His dedication in assisting others is recognized by various people. That’s the reason why he received several awards.

Furthermore, Broidy has also shown some support to the Performing Arts of John F. Kennedy as well as the US Homeland Security Advisory Council that was appointed by Sec. Michael. Broidy, in year 2008, has gained the well known Raoul Wallenberg Award due to his Israel participation on the 2nd Intifada. From year 1982 up to 1991, Elliot Broidy used to be the Bell Enterprises’ Managing Director in which he was involved in an extensive variety of investments that include management of private equity, real estate, marketable securities as well as other unconventional investments. Elliot has started his career working in Arthur Andersen & Co. His success does not just stop there, as he also became the chairman at ESI Holdings Inc. (Event Solutions International, Inc.). Moreover, he has also supported the Board of Directors of certain companies. These companies basically include the Foley Timber & Land Company and L.P Vantis Capital Management LLC. Now, Elliot Broidy is a highly accepted CPA. He has gained his BS in Accounting and Finance that is provided in the University of Southern California. Through this and all, it is surely unquestionable how Elliot has become popular in his industry.

His business and investment have helped him become very successful in his career and then he started with his philanthropic endeavors. He began helping numerous organizations to be able to help the veterans and also the members in US military. These include the Wounded Warriors Project as well as the Medal of Honor Foundation. Also, he recently founded the Hounds of Heroes that is providing specially trained service dogs to those active-duty veterans. Broidy was also involved in a wide variety of investments that include management of marketable securities, private equity, real estate and some other important alternative investments. Due to his valuable success, he made different ways to show how grateful he is to the country where he was born, the United States of America and his religious home, the State of Israel. His humanitarian works have also been regarded. He was also given many recognitions and awards. The prestigious Raoul Wallenberg Award has been awarded to him because of his success, selflessness and courage despite all the challenges he faced. It is important to note that Elliot Broidy never ceases to help. He still continues his unending dedication to help the country and the community. According to him, he has been very lucky and blessed with the valuable resources and opportunities that gave him the ability to help others.